Phil established the Portland Reiki Center in 1984 to provide treatments and training in Reiki, an ancient and revered practice that promotes and accelerates healing and balance of the body, mind and spirit.

Receiving a Reiki treatment is one of the most safe and simple alternative therapy treatments available. The person offering the treatment is a conduit of energy, which becomes available to the recipient through the laying on of hands. It is possible for the practitioner and/or the receiver to integrate this experience into any belief or other system of therapy. For instance a massage therapist who has had the Reiki training automatically includes Reiki as part of the massage when the clients body is touched.

For a Reiki treatment there is no need to remove clothing or to lay in any particular, especially an uncomfortable, position. This makes it very available for the elderly, for late stage pregnancy, for the ill or injured, and for those suffering from emotional trauma. The person receiving the treatment does not have to "do" anything in order for the practitioner to provide a connection to the energy. It can be, in fact, so simple and inconspicuous that informal treatments can be given in very public places such as grocery stores, theaters, sitting next to each other on a park bench. Formal treatments however are best given in quiet surroundings with some degree of privacy so that the practitioner and the recipient can be more consciously aware of the affects of the treatment. The Reiki is a part of a formal therapy.

Because the energy of Reiki can have an accumulative effect it is helpful when treating chronic conditions to consider multiple treatments over a period of several days. This assists the body in dealing with both the physical and emotional aspects of the illness or injury.