Intuitive Counseling: When dealing with some of life's questions we can often benefit from guidance or advice from someone who has had similar encounters. Phil has developed his intuitive skills and has considerable life experience. He has an extensive background as husband and father, caregiver for the dying and advocate for the aging. He can be very helpful as a focused listener and helper in exploring right action.

Spiritual Direction: In our quest for spiritual growth we may come to a point where we need a reality check. We need a safe space to speak out loud our questions and conclusions. We need to hear someone else say the things to us that we can't say to ourselves. Independent, objective, compassionate assistance in determining what course of action or study to follow can be of great help. Phil's only agenda in this process is helping his client achieve more clarity about who they are and what they believe.

Rebirthing: Ascended Breath Therapy (ABT) assists in clearing unwanted memories and old programming from body and mind. It is a way of coming into balance, a balance of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This technique involves conscious connected breathing which helps access and release issues held in the body. Phil is a well-trained breath coach and has spent many hours working with clients. This is a very effective technique when held emotions from past experiences prevent desired changes in current behavior.