Basic Shamanism - Accessing the Mysteries I - Developing communication with the spirit world through the ancient practice of the shamanic journey. A two-day workshop provides the fundamentals and experience of the most essential shamanic tool - the journey into non-ordinary reality. A time to learn and explore for new students, a time to practice and share for experienced students. The focus will be on providing instructions and opportunities for connecting with the animal spirits and spirit guides to gain insight, clarity and healing for use in your daily life. This is a very practical experience based workshop.

Advanced Shamanism - Accessing the Mysteries II - Deepening communication with beings in the spirit world using the shamanic journey. This two-day workshop builds upon the students prior experience with the shamanic journey. A time to deepen your practice and share with other experienced students. The workshop will focus going deeper with connections to the animal spirits and spirit guides available to assist and support us in our daily life. Participants in this workshop must have had prior instruction in the shamanic journey using sound as the method to enter the shamanic state of consciousness.

Practitioner Training - Accessing the Mysteries III - Explore shamanic traditions and the role of shamanism in today's world and our local community. A two-day workshop, third in this series, that prepares participants to use their personal shamanic experience for the benefit of others in a public practice. In the time available we will discuss ritual, shamanic tools, presentation, and creating a safe healing environment. Enrollment in this workshop requires prior experience with shamanic practice and a developed relationship with spirit helpers.