Soul Retrieval: Many emotional illnesses and physical diseases have origins in 'soul loss'. Traumatic events can cause a vital part of our spiritual essence to separate (dissociate) from us. This soul loss results in diminished self-esteem, lower energy, feelings of vulnerability, difficulty in creating a path of joy and openness for dis-ease. Soul Retrieval is a ceremony used to reconnect the lost soul parts to the person.

Reclaiming Power: There are many reasons for loss of personal power. In the shamanic tradition there are ceremonies to reclaim that power and regain the strength needed to deal with life. The spirit world offers us an amazing amount of love and support if we can let down our barriers and open our self to their presence.

Shamanic Divination: Divination, asking question of the spirits, can give us another perspective & possible actions to take to achieve our goals and desires.

Death and Dying: Shamanism is a focused practice of working with the spirit world and can assist the souls of dying and dead beings. These ceremonies involve aiding the soul in its transition from the physical to the spirit world. The result can also have positive effects for the survivors in their grieving and healing process.

Dragon Song Recordings: Compact disk recordings of shamanic singing and the drum beat pattern used for a shamanic journey.