KI Workshop: We have choices when confronted with challenge or conflict. Our background and training commonly prepare us to respond with verbal or physical reactions. Many of us fail to take advantage of our energetic response. This workshop will provide a foundation and basic experience for managing our reaction to a negative situation on a core energy level. these principles provide us with a set of options that improve our chance for positive outcome. The experiential portion of this workshop consists of gentle basic exercises found in the traditional Aikido instruction. The “felt sense” of strength vs. power gives participants reliable feedback that the desired results are possible.

The Importance of Saying Goodbye: This workshop explores why it is important to say goodbye from the perspective of both the living and the dying. We will look at possibilities for how we can say goodbye in meaningful ways before, during and after death. The purpose of this workshop is to lessen the fear and pain of saying goodbye. Becoming more comfortable with the process of saying goodbye allows us to be more available for those who are saying goodbye to us and be more at peace ourselves. Phil has been involved in the field of death and dying for many years. He has close personal experiences and has been present with many people as they died.

Survey of “Energy” Therapies: A lightning quick exploration of “energy” therapies. What are they, what are some of the philosophical approaches, what are the different focuses of treatment, and 19 examples of unique therapeutic techniques in use today. All in two hours with time for questions.