In 1983 I responded to a calling to pursue my own healing and assist others who wanted to heal. My shift in careers from working with computers to working with people led me to explore shamanism. Today I have a practice teaching students and seeing clients, which takes me throughout North America and Europe performing shamanic ceremonies for hundreds of people. Since I have studied shamanism my understanding of the universe and my place within it has greatly expanded. The aliveness of all things, the sacredness of life, the interconnectedness of all, and the love and support available for those of us in human form, are far greater than I had ever suspected. Even now I realize I am just beginning to comprehend that there is such depth and richness to life. There is a demand for healing by the universe, including my own healing, to which I must respond. The gifts of the shamanic practice go beyond my wildest dreams and continue to stretch who I am and how I perceive and relate to the world around me. If this path, this journey, calls to you, I urge you to explore it and discover its blessings.

With my knowledge of many different therapies and gentle nature I can provide a safe space for clients and students. I enjoy sharing the shamanic practice with others. My studies have been in cross cultural shamanism and my heritage of Celtic practices. I am a contributing member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and am grateful to have received formal training from Michael Harner, Tom Cowan, Sandra Ingerman and Brandt Secunda, Jenny Ray, Martin Highbear and other teachers.